Decentralized half marathon (21.1 km) or 10 km run in the period from Saturday, December 5th. until Sunday, December 13th, 2020

Registration is now opened


This year, the itdesign-Nikolauslauf Tübingen (St. Nicholas Run) will take place as a virtual, decentralised and nationwide competition.

There are two distances to choose from: 10 km and half marathon (21.1 km). Pre-Registration is possible until the beginning of November. Running is possible from Saturday, 5.12. to Sunday, 13.12.2020. The distance can be chosen freely. The result will then be entered into the result list independently. We do not require any proof.

For 21 Euro entry fee we offer you a virtual 10 km run or half marathon (21,1 km). There is a list of results with a printed certificate. We raffle off material prizes among all participants. Each participant will receive a high-quality participant shirt and a symbolic start number in advance.

Running is for a good cause. We donate the proceeds (minus our costs) to two social projects in Tübingen.

With our running group exchange you can find small meetings in your area and complete the Santa Claus run together. On our Social Wall we show your photos.

Notice for international participants

International runners are also welcome at our virtual event. We would be very happy if you want to join us!

Unfortunately we can’t send the t-shirt and start number internationally. But you can simply give us a german address, e.g. from friends, when you register.

Payment is generally only possible by SEPA direct debit, not by credit card. The easiest way is to enter a german bank account (e.g. of a friend) in the registration portal. If this is not possible for you, write us a message and we will send you our banking details to transfer the amount.

Registration is possible from September, 8th here. You can read all runners information below. Feel free to contact us, if you have a question.

Greetings from the organizational team!

Runners information 2020 / FAQ

  1. Communication from the organization team

The Post-SV Tübingen organization team has been closely following the development of the coronavirus pandemic since March and decided in July 2020 not to offer a „real“ run on the original route in Tübingen, but rather a well-prepared, well-thought-out, decentralized version.
As organizers, we also see ourselves as a role model to behave sensibly in this pandemic situation, which is unique to us all, and not to take any unnecessary risks that would be associated with a normal sporting event.
Here in Tübingen, we are observing an increasingly health-conscious living population with increased physical activity, especially in the Schönbuch Nature Park. We also see the wish of many to be able to set goals in the circle of the private running community and then to implement and experience them together. We are pleased that we can offer the runners a platform to do something good through this year’s fundraiser.
Each of us knows how important and relaxing exercise in the fresh air is. Therefore, we invite you – all together and yet separately from each other – to complete our competition.
We have no experience with this situation yet, but we are optimistic that we can offer you a great run again this year. We thank our sponsors who have supported us reliably for many years. Hoping that many runners will remain loyal to us with their registration.
For the organizational team of Post-SV Tübingen
Gerold Knisel (project manager)

  1. Overview of changes

The itdesign Nikolauslauf is also this year, but as a nationwide virtual variant.
Even if the itdesign Nikolauslauf cannot take place as planned due to the Corona crisis, for the first time in the 45-year history of our event there is the possibility to participate virtually and decentrally in a competition over different distances.
There is a half marathon (21.1 km) and a 10 km run with independent timing. The focus of the event is the fun of sport and running for a good cause.
All participants will receive a high-quality itdesign Nikolauslauf shirt and a start number in advance. Therefore, registration for the virtual itdesign Nikolauslauf run is necessary. The participation fee for both competitions is 21 euros – the proceeds will be donated to two selected Tübingen social partners. The itdesign Nikolauslauf is therefore a donation run this year.
For the first time we have a 10-kilometer competition on offer. This is how we address runners who have not dared to run the half marathon distance. Perhaps we will also be able to reach many friends and acquaintances of our numerous regular customers.
Everyone runs alone or at a distance in accordance with the currently applicable regulations. Participation in the competition is considered successful as soon as the participant enters their measured time in our results portal. This creates a list of results, just like in a real competition. However, these times are not capable of being on the top of the list.
We will raffle non-cash prizes among all participants with a registered time.
All important runner information can be found in our announcement below. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact the organization team.
We hope you enjoy running and hope to see you again in Tübingen on December 5, 2021!
Your itdesign Nikolauslauf organization team of Post-SV Tübingen

  1. Competition period

You can run between Saturday, December 5, 2020 and Sunday, December 13, 2020 – i.e. within two weekends, for a total of 8 days.
The distances can also be covered several times during this period. Which result you then enter in the result list is up to you.

  1. Competitions and distances

We are offering two distances for the first time.
You can decide for yourself whether you want to choose the half marathon (21.1 km) or the 10 km run.

  1. Route

Everyone runs on their own route („running at home“) for themselves or in small groups the desired distance. Whether in Tübingen or in a completely different city – everyone can participate, regardless of their location.
There is no official starting point, no official destination and no official route. The competition can be held at a location of your choice.
Please pay attention to the traffic regulations and your fellow human beings. Safety always comes first. Participation and route selection are your own responsibility. The applicable legal regulations must be observed when choosing a route.

  1. Run together: Runners meeting list

Even in these times, many runners have the need to run together at least in smaller groups. So that this is also possible with this year’s itdesign Nikolauslauf event, we have set up a runners meeting list on our website for the first time, in which running clubs and running groups have the opportunity to set up their own small „itdesign Nikolauslauf event“.
In our overview you can find itdesign Nikolauslauf meeting near you at the beginning of December.
We look forward to numerous small “itdesign Nikolauslauf runs” in the region and beyond!

  1. Registration and registration deadline

Registrations for the two competitions will be possible online from Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 12 noon. Please select single registration to enter your registration.

» Register here online

Be sure to provide valid address information (post and email). We need this to send the starter package (post) and to send the personal result link (email).
Note to previous collective registrants: This year, for organizational reasons, individual address data must be provided for each participant. Therefore, only single registration can be used.
Post-SV Tübingen members and previous overall winners will receive a free start again.
Everyone is welcome as a participant. There is no participant limit.
Registration closes (due to the production of the T-shirts and their dispatch) on Sunday, November 8, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.
The minimum age for the half marathon is 16 years (born 2004) and for the 10 km run 14 years (born 2006).

  1. Confirmation of registration and emails

Every registered participant will receive a confirmation of registration by email.
(You have not received an email? Please wait a while and also check your spam folder. If you still cannot find an email, please contact us.)
Shortly before the start of the competition period, we will send you your personal result link and the runner information in an email.
After the end of the competition period, you will receive an email with the link to the list of results and your personal certificate to print out yourself.

  1. Participation fee and payment

Participation fee (for both competitions), staggered:

  • 21,00 € (until 30.09.2020)
  • 23,00 € (until 15.10.2020)
  • 25,00 € (until 8.11.2020)

Payments are generally made by SEPA direct debit. A receipt is attached to the registration confirmation. Payment on account is also possible on request. Participants without SEPA payment options or companies will receive an invoice on request and can pay by bank transfer.
Fees incurred due to incorrect bank details or return debits are billed to the participant at a flat rate of € 5.00.
If the virtual competition is not started or is canceled, there will be no refund (see our terms and conditions).

  1. Social partners: running for a good cause
Nikolauslauf Pressekonferenz itdesign August 2020

Group photo after press conference with our social partners (from left): Christoph Adamczyk (itdesign GmbH), Julia Schreiber (itdesign GmbH), Hans-Christian Messner (Post-SV/Nikolauslauf), Constanze Schemann-Grupp (Tübinger Bürgerstiftung), Gerold Knisel (Post-SV/Nikolauslauf), Anke Möck (Projekt EfA) und Constanze Scholzgart (Tübinger Hospizdienste)

We want to show solidarity, especially in the difficult Corona period. For this reason, we decided to make the itdesign Nikolauslauf run a donation run. The motto of our special itdesign Nikolauslauf this year is „Running for a good cause“.
Together with our sponsors, we donate the proceeds of our event to two social projects in Tübingen:

  • Tübingen Citizens‘ Foundation (“Tübinger Bürgerstiftung”): The Tübingen Citizens‘ Foundation is committed ideally and financially to social and cultural projects, for education and sport, for nature and environmental protection issues, for civic issues and annually awards the citizens‘ prizes. The non-profit foundation was founded in 2001.
  • Tübingen Hospice Services & BOJE Tübingen (“Tübinger Hospizdienst”): Women and men of different ages and professions are volunteers in the hospice service. The hospice service for adults in the Tübingen area and the surrounding area offer accompaniment, support and advice – in retirement and nursing homes, in hospitals and at home with families. BOJE Tübingen is a home hospice service especially for children, adolescents and families in the district of Tübingen.

The two social organizations will present their projects at our press conference. After the event, we will hand over the donation checks to you.
Only part of the entry fee goes to Post-SV Tübingen as an organizational fee and is used to cover the costs incurred.
Here you can find more information about our social partners.

  1. Our services (included in the entry fee)
  • High-quality functional shirt for the 45th itdesign Nikolauslauf run in men’s and women’s styles
  • Personalized start number
  • Donation run for two local social partners
  • Preparation program in Tübingen
  • Uncomplicated virtual format (independent entry of running-time, no proof required)
  • Social Wall on the Internet (presentation area for participant photos)
  • List of participants and database of results on the Internet
  • Certificates can be printed out online
  • Prize draw for material prizes
  • Runners meeting list on the Internet
  • All registered participants from 2020 will receive an invitation from us in 2021
  • Newsletter before the run with current information (subscribe here – only in German)
  • and last but not least: the friendly helpers of the itdesign Nikolauslauf team!
  1. High quality functional shirt for all participants / face-mask as optional order

Nikolauslauf 2020 Teilnehmershirt Funktionsshirt S Cool SportaAll participants receive a high-quality functional shirt in men’s and women’s cuts by S.COOL SPORTS in the itdesign Nikolauslauf design.
More information here.

New: Due to frequent requests the face-mask can now be ordered optionally for 4 Euro at the registration (shipping with starting documents only within Germany). The mask comes in this year’s Nikolauslauf look and is produced exclusively for us by S.COOL SPORTS.

Product description: reusable, 2-layer fabric layer (inside 100% cotton/ outside 100% poly), also suitable for everyday use, no certification (not medically tested)

Those who have already registered can book the mask later using the change link in the confirmation email. Otherwise, please simply send us a message. As promised, all runners who have registered by 12:34 pm on 8 September 2020 at the latest will receive the mask free of charge as a bonus for their early registration.

  1. Contents of the start documents
  • Personalized start number
  • Participant shirt
  1. Start number

The personalized start number (with name, but due to the virtual format this time without a transponder) can be worn during the run and used for photos before / after the run.
We look forward to receiving photos – please send them to us by email at and / or publish them on social networks with the hashtag #MeinNikolauslauf and links to us.
The submitted photos appear online on our social wall and on our social media profiles.

  1. Dispatch of the T-shirt and the start documents

All participants (with a German postal address) will receive a T-shirt and a personalized start number by mail before the run.
A shipment abroad is unfortunately not possible for organizational reasons. Alternatively, you can also simply use a German postal address, e.g. from friends or family members.

  1. Participant lists

The respective participant lists for both competitions are published online updated constantly.

  1. Changes to data

Changes are possible at any time free of charge.
You can easily adjust your data yourself using the corresponding change link in the registration confirmation.
Feel free to contact the organization team with any change requests.

  1. Preparatory program in Tübingen

At the same time, a training session is taking place in 72070 Tübingen / Germany at the Sand / Falkenweg at the Post-SV Lauftreff.
In September, our proven training program for 10 kilometers and a half marathon begins at the running club of Post-SV Tübingen. Every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. (as of October 31st at 3:00 p.m.) you can train on the original route at the Schönbuchrand with the assistance of experienced meeting staff.
The target group is interested itdesign Nikolauslauf runners who already do 5 (for 10 km run) or 10 km (for half marathon) in a row, so they are not absolute beginners. We have also created a training plan for this program, which you can find on our website.
You can find all information about the training here.

  1. Distance and time measurement, transmission of results, results

Shortly before the virtual competition begins, you will receive an email with the latest runner information and your personalized link for the transmission of results.
The distance and time are measured independently, for example with a smartphone or a running watch.
We do not require proof and trust in your honesty and athletic fairness. Every participant who successfully completes his distance is a winner and receives a certificate of participation.
The time is then entered into our results portal independently. Use the link for the transmission of results, which we will send you by email at the beginning of December. The results must be reported online by 13.12.2020 23:59 at the latest. The results list is continuously updated online.
(If you have technical problems, you can also report your result to us by email, please be sure to include your name and start number.)
The result lists are published online. However, these are only of an informal nature and are therefore not capable of being made on the best list.

  1. Certificates

You can download and print out your certificate yourself after the end of the competition period using the results list.

  1. Award ceremony, raffle for non-cash prizes, special ranking of the largest team

The award ceremony will take place as part of an online livestream.
There is no classic award ceremony because the results are only informal. There will be no award ceremony after placement.
However, the largest team in both competitions together will be honored as part of a special evaluation.
We are randomly giving away prizes in kind among all participants. The raffle will take place as part of a final live stream in December. We will notify the winners in writing. The judges‘ decision is final.

  1. Submit pictures, social media campaign #MeinNikolauslauf, livestream

Look forward to our subsequent reporting via livestream, on our social media channels and on our website.
We would be happy if many participants took photos of their own itdesign Nikolauslauf run and put them online themselves (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) – with the hashtag #MeinNikolauslauf and a link to our profile. Alternatively, you can send the photos to We look forward to your images that we would like to publish. The uploaded images will be shown online on our social wall and on our social channels. We want to show that the running scene stays active and holds together even in difficult times.
At the end of the virtual itdesign Nikolauslauf we organize a livestream, in which we look back at our event, show the most beautiful photos sent in, award prizes and announce the donation result.

  1. Contact

Do you have any questions or comments? We look forward to your message. You can write us in English.

  1. Conditions of participation / comments
  • By registering and participating in the itdesign Nikolauslauf, you accept our terms and conditions.
  • Your data will be processed and saved in accordance with our data protection declaration.
  • We reserve the right to make changes on the current occasion.
  1. Health questionnaire

Your health is the most important prerequisite for optimal preparation and participation. In order to prevent a possible health hazard, we ask you to carefully fill in this health questionnaire from German Road Races (also available in English).
You will receive feedback on your details immediately after submitting the questionnaire, which you should fill out before or immediately after you have registered for the itdesign Nikolauslauf. Please note that this cannot replace a sports medical examination.
The questionnaire was developed by the German Society for Sports Medicine and the German Sport University Cologne. The data from the anonymous survey are analyzed for scientific purposes, including to optimize medical safety at running events nationwide. The survey does not contain any personal data (such as name, address, postal address, telephone number) and does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual people.

  1. Responsible behavior / observance of the corona rules

Please pay attention to the compliance with the currently valid legal and official regulations regarding the Coronavirus and behave accordingly responsibly.

  1. Disclaimer / liability

Each participant takes part in this event independently and at their own risk. The organizer is not liable for possible damage in connection with this event.
Be responsible and pay attention to your and the safety of others.

  1. Organizers and organizers

Post-SV Tübingen e.V. / organization team itdesign Nikolauslauf Tübingen.
Responsible: Gerold Knisel

  1. Sponsors and partners

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and partners who continue to support us well despite the current situation. Thank you very much for your loyalty!

  1. Next appointment

Of course, we hope to see you again next year. Even if long-term planning is currently difficult, the 46th itdesign Nikolauslauf is scheduled for December 5, 2021.

Last updated: September 15, 2020

Plakat virtueller 45. itdesign Nikolauslauf Tübingen 2020 Halbmarathon 10 km Lauf
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